Vector funds win 4 Awards in 2016

11 Apr. 2016

For fund managers, the early weeks of spring are usually spent while wandering away about being nominated for one of the annual Fund Awards. We have no reason to complain this year, since Vector was not only nominated, but won 4 awards issued by the Belgian financial press.

Vector Navigator and Vector Flexible were able to cash in on the “De Tijd / L’Echo” Fund Awards in both categories they had been nominated in (“Global Equity” and “Mixed funds with Flexible Risk”). The emphasis of this award is on consistency of returns through time (with a 5 year horizon). At Vector, consistency of performance is on the top of our list, so we’re very happy to have received these particular awards. It’s a very strong signal that we took the right steps 5 years ago.

A couple of days after De Tijd / L’Echo Awards, Vector Flexible was also able to win the Trends Fund Award for best mixed fund on a 1 year horizon.

Finally, as frosting on the cake, Vector Flexible received the Belgian Morningstar Award, for best Mixfund on a 5 year horizon. Since Morningstar only handed out 5 awards this year (as opposed to the usual 17), getting our hands on one of them was quite a challenge.

Altogether we are quite pleased with this result, considering we only have 2  categories to compete in. Remember that while in poker you have to be very lucky to make a "four of a kind" hand, it gets a lot easier when you start out with 2 aces. In asset management, however, you can choose your own aces and make your own luck - so ladies and gentlemen, place your bets...