Investment Philosophy


Vector specializes in global equity strategies.  Our team strives to pick those companies that are able to combine strong fundamentals with attractive valuations. In order to succeed in this objective we use a quantitative investment style, which offers some important advantages:


  • We are able to apply the approach taken by traditional asset managers to a much larger set of companies, which increases the breadth of opportunities.


  •  The methodology allows us to avoid many common behavioural biases.


  • Vector will never chase the latest investment style that happened to outperform during the last few months. We opt to invest in factors that have robustly proven to add value to the investment process over much longer timeframes.


  • Our analysis leads to a company-specific score that is fully transparent and perfectly retraceable for every share on our investment list – no black-box models!


  • While computers are used to do the heavy lifting, the investment managers have the final say. If a manual review of the data indicates any irregularities regarding a suggested company (for instance a negative news flow) then it will be withheld from the selection.