Privacy Policy


Data protection statement of Vector Asset Management S.A.


Vector Asset Management attaches great importance to your privacy and wants to fully respect your privacy and treat your personal data as safely and confidentially as possible. In this data protection statement, we explain which personal data we process and why we do so.


What entity is collecting the data and who should you contact with questions?


Vector Asset Management S.A. located at 370, Route de Longwy, L-1940 Luxembourg

The company is responsible for processing your personal data and declares that it complies with national privacy laws as well as the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In case you have any additional questions or want more information, you can always contact us at or send a letter to this registered address.


What personal data does Vector Asset Management collect?


Through our mailing list we collect very limited personal information, restricted to email address, first name, last name, favourite email device, language, location, read frequency.

Through our website we collect cookies. You can read our cookie statement for more information on this topic.


Why does Vector Asset Management collect this data?


We only use this personal data to be able to improve the personalization of the newsletters we send and to monitor the response of our readers regarding our newsletters. The cookies we collect are used to remember your display preferences.


Who has access to the personal data?


Only Vector Asset Management staff who need access to personal data to perform their roles have access to it. Vector Asset Management uses a third-party email provider, Mailchimp, that stores all mailing list subscriber’s data. Mailchimp is compliant with all applicable data protection regulations, including the new GDPR regulation. The personal data is never commercialized in any way and is never shared with any other third party. 


How long is the data kept?


The data is kept until we receive a request to erase it.


How can a data subject contact Vector Asset Management to exercise their rights in respect to the personal data held?


GDPR provides data subjects with the right to update or correct data, receive details of personal data held, ask for the personal data to be erased, etc. Any of these requests should be send to

Vector Asset Management will respond to an access request as soon as possible and no later than within 30 days of the request.  


Right to lodge a complaint with the regulator (=Data Protection Authority)?


The Luxembourgish « Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données » could be contacted via their website,, in case you have concerns about Vector Asset Management’s information rights practices.


Data protection statement of Vector SICAV.

 All personal data linked to the actual subscription in Vector SICAV falls under the data protection procedures of Vector Asset Management S.A. In particular those procedures enable the delegate to communicate the account holder details to the Tax Authority in order to be compliant with the FATCA and CRS regulations. In case you have any additional questions or want more information, you can always contact Vector Asset Management S.A. at or at +352 26 97 64 27 or send a letter to the registered address:

Vector Asset Management
370, route de Longwy
L-1940 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg