How to subscribe to Vector funds?


You can invest in Vector funds in 3 ways:

1) Through a financial intermediary (like a bank branch):
This is the simplest way. Standard forms can be found in the investor booklet to the right.

2) Directly through the registrar agent of the fund:
In this case the shares are put in your name in the register of the fund. This requires to fill in a profile document and a subscription document, which can be found in the investor booklet.

3) Through a fund platform:
Our products are available through:


Redemptions or conversions
All information can be found in the investor booklet documents to the right

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A subscription request is irrevocable for the subscriber. However, the Sicav or its transfer agent shall have the widest discretion as to accepting this susbscription request without being required to give reasons for its decision and considerable room for judgement with regard to information, documents, etc that is entitled to demand in connection with the identification of the economic beneficiary of the account in accordance with the applicable law or regulations, as well as any document that the Fund or its agent may consider to be necessary to enable it to fulfil its legal and regulatory obligations and to maintain the relation of trust. The Fund is authorised to refuse to establish business relations or the subscriptions, cancel or proceed to a compulsory repurchase at the valuation day’s price. The subscription request may be postponed as long as the subscriber has not replied satisfactorily in the judgement of the Fund or the transfer agent to their requests. Any payment made before the formal acceptation of the subscription will be deposit on a non interest bearing account.