Vector wins 2 Fund Awards in Brussels ceremony

14 mrt. 2017

While short-term outperformance is nice to have, the ultimate goal of any asset manager should be to create value over long holding periods. This opinion we share with the people of De Tijd / L’Echo, who each year host their highly regarded Fund Awards in Brussels, praising active managers who succeed in delivering consistency of returns through time, and this on a 5 year horizon. It was the fourth year in a row that Navigator made it to the list of top 3 best performing equity funds from which the winner is ultimately chosen, and we were eagerly awaiting the ceremony, which took place Tuesday evening.

So we are very proud to report that we were able to win the award in both the categories that we had been competing in (“Global Equity” and “Mixed funds with Flexible Risk”), and this for the second year in a row! Ultimately, Vector is competing with the largest asset managers in Europe, and indeed the world. Some of us have dozens of funds on offer, managed by investment teams made up of several hundred professionals. Yet none of us - whatever our size - can ever take victory for granted. That is exactly what makes the business of managing assets so exciting to be in.

To win 2 awards, with only 2 funds in the running, 2 year in a row, with a small but dedicated team is consequently something we are very proud of. It seems to suggest that we have, through the years, been able to uncover a few interesting things there are to know about the stock markets.

You can read all about this event within the Fund Award addendum that we have attached to this article.