Vector wins Morningstar Germany and Belgium Awards!

02 mrt. 2018

We had already mentioned in last month's newsletter that February would be a busy month for Vector as we had been nominated for quite a few Fund Awards. We are very glad to inform you that we were able to trade in most of these paper nominations for physical trophees!

Last Thursday Navigator was crowned 2018's best global equity fund by Morningstar Germany, where the fund was lauded as a multifactor-investing pioneer! Morningstar's analysts had the following to say about our flagship fund's strategy:

"The investment process is very systematic and quantitatively driven and based on the idea that you can collect risk premia. [The Fund] differentiates between fundamental factors such as quality, growth, value, size, earnings revisions and analyst opinions. Since 2008, technical factors, such as momentum, have been added to the model. The best way to understand this combination is that the question to buy the stock is dependant on fundamental factors and when to buy the stock is driven by behavioral factors."

They go on stating that this strategy generally works very well for our investors:

"With the exception of 2016, when [Navigator] landed in the 58th percentile of the global blend equity category, the fund ended up within the first quintile of its peer group every year since 2012"


We were also invited by the people of Morningstar Belgium. At the main event of the Belgian financial sector, the Trends/Morningstar Investment Summit, we were very grateful to receive the award for best allocation and for best global equity fund. Morningstar's analysts had the following to say about Vector Flexible:

"[Vector Flexible] uses a quant-based process that employs an in-house valuation model. This flexible allocation fund allocates amongst equity, bonds [note: currently we do not] and cash, but also aims to provide protection against falling markets. In four of the past five calendar years the realized return has been within or close to the upper decile within its category"

We will find out if these good result in the rest of Europe will be enough to take home the main prize on March 22nd when the Morningstar Luxembourg Awards are hosted.